A-F Accountability Bootcamp

July 24 and August 30, 2018, Austin

Gear up for the upcoming changes to district-level accountability measures.

About A-F Bootcamp

Region 13 knows the new accountability system can be a tricky and difficult concept to explain and understand. That’s why we’ve created our A-F Bootcamp series to help alleviate your accountability concerns so you can focus on what matters most, your students. Now is the time to get ready and prepare yourself for the new changes coming your way.

A-F Resources

Ready-made presentation templates to explain and raise awareness about the new A-F Accountability system to staff, parents, and community.

A-F Insights

At-a-glance comparisons of previous accountability and new A-F systems. Dive deeper into what has changed and what implications it may have on your students and school.

Collaboration and Networking

Network, problem-solve, and join other educational leaders to learn how they are tackling the new A-F system. Share your success stories and lean on the expertise of your colleagues!

Meet Your Team

We’ve assembled a team of experts to help you navigate the world of accountability. Contact us when you need advice, assistance, or just to say “Hi!”. We’d love to hear from you.

Mark Billingsley

Assessment and Accountability

Tisha Kolek

Guidance Services

Melinda Marquez

System Support

Julie Pyle

Data Systems

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JULY 24, 2018







AUGUST 30, 2018

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Prepare yourself and your team for the new A-F Accountability System with support and resources from ESC Region 13.

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