A-F Answers: are individualized education program (IEP) continuers included in 2019 ccmr calculations?

The Answer:

The CCMR denominator in the Student Achievement Domain only consists of 2018 annual graduates, while the denominator in the Closing the Gaps domain, consists of 2018 annual graduate plus students in grade 12 who didn’t graduate. 

These grade 12 students are those who were in attendance during the last six weeks of the 17-18 school year as reported TSDS PEIMS Attendance Records. Grade 12 students reported in the TSDS PEIMS 2017 – 2018 Fall Collection as individualized education program, or IEP continuers, are excluded from the Closing the Gaps CCMR denominator for 2019.

IEP continuers are students who are at least 18 years of age by September 1st, have satisfied credit requirements for high school graduation, have not completed their IEP, and are enrolled and receiving IEP services.

Grade 12 students reported in TSDS PEIMS as IEP continuers on the 17-18 October Snapshot, will be excluded from the Closing the Gaps CCMR denominator for 2019 Accountability.

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