A-F Answers: what are level i and level ii certificates and how are they used in ccmr?

The Answer:

According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Level I and Level II certificates are awarded by an institution of higher education; certifying the satisfactory completion of a higher education program.  

Upon completion a certificate is valid without further action on the individuals part. They are usually awarded in workforce education areas by public and private two-year institutions. 

 Level I certificates are awarded for completing a program consisting of at least 15, and no more 42, semester credit hours. 

Level II certificates are awarded for completing a program of at least 30, but not more 51, semester credit hours. 

Certificates are different from certifications, which are not administered by an institution of higher education. Instead, certifications are administered by a certification body; usually an organization such as a trade association or industry approved testing industry. Certifications are time-limited credentials where individuals need to meet ongoing requirements to maintain the currency of the certification.

Credit will be awarded in CCMR for graduates and non-graduating 12 hours in Closing the Gaps, who have earned Level I or Level II certificates. The THCBE will provide TEA, Level I and Level II certificate completion data.


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