Accountability Resources

We created an easy to use resource page so you don’t have to.

Accountability Update Session July 30th - Video

During our July 30th, one hour, Accountability Update Session, we heard from the TEA on changes to the upcoming accountability system. Download the full video by clicking the link below.

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Accountability Update Session Presentation - July 30th

This PDF copy is from our July 30th one hour Accountability Update Session with TEA.

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Region 13 CCMR Tracking Sheet

We’ve created a free tool, an excel spreadsheet, to visually monitor the achievements of your students at your campus by cohort. Our Tracking Tool can be downloaded to your desktop for immediate use. The spreadsheet is constructed so that when a student has met one of the indicators of CCMR for Accountability purposes, their name will be highlighted in blue.  For students who have not met all aspects of a CCMR indicator, their name will be highlighted in red.

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School Board Accountability Training Update Template 2019

Use this presentation template to present your 2019 district accountability data to your School Board. The max presentation time is 30 minutes, but can be adjusted to fit the time available for each district.


Understanding Credentials in Texas: Certificates & Certifications

This brief aims to clarify the important differences between the terms certificate and certification. Mistakenly, these two terms often are used interchangeably across higher education, K-12, and workforce sectors.


Accountability Interventions

Information related to state and federal accountability interventions for the 2019-2020 monitoring year.

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Intent to Enlist Documentation

Scaled Score Conversion Tool

Use this tool to determine the scaled score that will be used in accountability for a domain or component. This tool is best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.

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Accountability Parent Flyer

Our Accountability Parent Flyer breaks down the basics of the A-F Accountability System for parents throughout Texas. 

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2018 - 2019 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) Powerpoint

This TAPR PowerPoint presentation template has been designed for both campus and district use. The template provides districts with a platform to easily convey the data reported in your TAPR

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Superintendent Appraisal Worksheet

Texas statute requires that the board use the district performance report as a primary consideration in its appraisal of superintendent performance (TEC §39.054).  This worksheet provides an analysis of district student performance based on the district Accountability Reports.

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2019 Accountability, CTE Courses Aligned with Industry-Based Certifications

Here’s a list of all the CTE courses aligned with the state accountability list.


Answers in About a Minute: A-F Accountability

This video resource from the TEA helps provide answers to questions you may have on specific public education topics, programs or initiatives.

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Annual Ratings

Access all of the accountability ratings from 1994 to current year.

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STAAR Raw Score Conversion Tables

Access information on raw score to scale score conversions on the various tests.

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Approved List of Industry Based Certifications for Accountability 2019-2020

Here’s the final list of all Industry Based Certifications for Accountability.


FAQ: Proposed List of Industry-based Certifications for Inclusion in Statewide Accountability

Here’s a list of FAQ for the proposed list of IBCs for inclusion in the statewide accountability system.

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Accountability Manual

Access the most recent accountability manual.

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TX School Report Cards

Use to see how well different schools and districts are doing. Each report provides an in-depth look into how campuses and districts are performing overall and in different areas.