Accountability Resources

We created an easy to use resource page so you don’t have to.

Accountability Parent Flyers

We’ve created a two-page accountability flyer for parents. The flyer is ready for print and is available in both English and Spanish. Feel free to print and share with your community.

English Flyer
Spanish Flyer

TX School Report Cards

Use to see how well different schools and districts are doing. Each report provides an in-depth look into how campuses and districts are performing overall and in different areas.

STAAR Raw Score Conversion Tables for 2017–2018

Follow this resource to access information on raw score to scale score conversions on the various tests.

Annual Ratings

Follow this resource to access all of the accountability ratings from 1994 to current year.

Scaled Score Conversion Tool

This tool can be used to determine the scaled score that will be used in accountability for a domain or component. This tool is best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.

Superintendent Appraisal Worksheet

Texas statute requires that the board use the district performance report as a primary consideration in its appraisal of superintendent performance (TEC §39.054).  This worksheet provides an analysis of district student performance based on the district Accountability Reports.

Form Download


2018 Accountability, CTE Courses Aligned with Industry-Based Certifications

Here’s a list of all the CTE courses aligned with the state accountability list.

Answers in About a Minute: A-F Accountability

This video resource from the TEA helps provide answers to questions you may have on specific public education topics, programs or initiatives.

State Accountability Information

Follow this resource to learn more about the basics of statewide accountability including an introductory video and academic accountability ratings.

Final List of Industry Based Certifications for Accountability 2017-2018

Here’s the final list of all Industry Based Certifications for Accountability.

FAQ: Proposed List of Industry-based Certifications for Inclusion in Statewide Accountability

Here’s a list of FAQ for the proposed list of IBCs for inclusion in the statewide accountability system.

Accountability Manual

Follow this link to access the most recent accountability manual.