How to Use our new ccmr tracking tool

We’ve created a free tool, an excel spreadsheet, to visually monitor the achievements of your students at your campus by cohort. Our Tracking Tool can be downloaded to your desktop for immediate use. The spreadsheet is constructed so that when a student has met one of the indicators of CCMR for Accountability purposes, their name will be highlighted in blue. For students who have not met all aspects of a CCMR indicator, their name will be highlighted in red.

In this video, Tisha Kolek breaks down how to use our Accountability CCMR Tracking Tool.

Accountability February 25th Update Session


In this session you’ll get an in-depth look at the 2020 Accountability System with a sneak peak of any changes to come from the TEA. You’ll also hear from campus and district leaders who implemented systems and processes to increase their letter grades from one year to another with a Q&A opportunity at the end.